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ION R2 Neutron

ION R2 Neutron


Speed: 2.5

Glide: 3

Turn: 0

Fade: 1.5


The Ion is MVP's beaded stable putter.


The Ion’s beaded rim design makes it a straight to overstable flier.


Power putters can use the Ion with confidence. It is capable of holding long powerful lines with a late subtle fade. This makes it a very versatile putter that can be used in all conditions.


The Ion’s defining flight characteristic is its straight stable flight with a late subtle fade.

For both high and lower power throwers, the Ion will hold a dependably straight line with a subtle fade.


The Ion’s added stability over the Anode allows players to have added confidence with adding more power to their throw.


When there is a bit too much wind for the Anode, or you want to add some power to your approach shot, the Ion is the perfect alternative.