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Holly Finley Glow Mako

Holly Finley Glow Mako


Speed: 5,

Glide: 5,

Turn: 0,

Fade: 0


Innova says this about the run: “Holly Finley has relied on her trusty Makos since way back before the Mako3 version was invented, and she has gotten countless birdies with them.


In the 165g-169g weight range, it’s a perfectly straight flying disc for short drives and reliable upshots. The Mako3 is such a true-flying disc for her, it’s not uncommon for her playing partners to comment that it’s almost like magic. Pick up a Holly Finley Color Glow Mako3 and “Mako Your Own Magic” for years to come. A substantial portion of each sale will benefit Holly and her touring efforts.”