Par3 Disc Golf's Pro Team

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Marty Smith

Hi, I'm Marty Smith PDGA #102880 from Buckley, WA. I have been playing disc golf for 3 years. I played in the Amateur 60+ division up to this point; but I will be transitioning to the Pro 60+ division in 2021. I have been very involved in growing the sport in the local area, including being a Tournament Director. I am looking forward to using my partnership with Par3 Disc Golf to expand that involvement. 

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Nicole "Pickle" Dionisio

Hi my name is Nicole ‘Pickle’ Dionisio and I’ve been playing disc golf since 2012 I turned pro in 2015 and started out playing in the disc golf pro tour. Since then I’ve traveled around the United States playing in the top events trying to spread the love and positivity of the game while trying to complete at my highest level.

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Domenic Griffin

I’m 29 Years Young. I started playing Disc Golf in 2011 in Southern California and instantly fell in love with it. I come from a Sports Family, so being Competitive is in my Nature. My Dad Coached us in Basketball, and Football, when we were kids; so I think Coaching is in my Nature too. I started Coaching Disc Golf last Season and have really come to love it just as much as the game itself. In 2021 I am proud to announce I have been sponsored by MVP Disc Sports!

Reach Dom for coaching on

Instagram: StresssLesssLiveMore

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Cory Jones

Team Prodigy, Team Whale Sacs, Team GRIPPT, and now Par3 Disc Golf. Been huckin' frisbees since 2010 and haven't looked back! I love the beauty of flight! Catch me at a local PNW course, or creating live streaming content at Twitch.TV/TEAMHOODCHAIN

Also Check out his Instagram: @prodigy59870 

Par3 Disc Golf's Ambassador Team

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Jae Nice (RPM Ninja)

Jae Nice, aka RPM Ninja, volunteers her time promoting and organizing tournaments and leagues in the Seattle area. She is a huge proponent of women's disc golf and is organizing a woman's only tournament series in the Seattle Area. She also offers her time and services with photography and video coverage for events and activities. Check out RPM.NINJA on Facebook and Instagram to check out her next event!

Jeff Henning

I started playing in the late 80's at Morley Field, in Balboa Park, while in college in San Diego. Fast forward almost 30 years later and a buddy asked if i wanted to go play. Now I've always got my discs in my car looking for a new place to throw. It's also given me, as a 50yr old, an outlet to scratch that competitive itch; I love fighting it out in the MA50 division. It's a sport I get to play with my family, particularly my youngest daughter Ava. I look forward to partnering with Par3 Disc Golf to #GrowTheSport

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Marcus Eye

Hi, I'm Marcus Eye PDGA #68988 from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I've been playing disc golf for almost 7 years. I've played locally in the Pro division for the past 4 years. I'm the president and founder of our local club, Albuquerque Disc Golf Association. I hold multiple tournaments and league rounds throughout the year in my city and state. I've also helped to improve our existing courses as well as bring new courses to our area with more in the works. I'm all about growing the sport!

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Aaron Tom

A passionate disc golfer from Ft. Worth, TX. Aaron's played for just over 2 years, and does so as often as possible. He's a proud member of Texas Chainwreck in Arlington, TX, and volunteers at events often. He has an incredible wife, and 2 beautiful daughters, who play with him from time to time. Increasing the number of disc golfers, as well as the reputation of the sport, is very important to Aaron. He does everything he can to get players into the sport he loves so much. He's taken many new players out for their first round; and enjoys seeing how quickly people fall in love with the game. He puts consistent work in to grow his own game, and while he hasn't yet achieved all of his goals. He loves the drive required to push for them; and always enjoys him self on the course.

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Mark Peturk

Ever since I was introduced to disc golf back in 2017, I knew there was no turning back. I've been getting a huge amount of support locally which has been driving me to get better at the sport everyday. Par3 Disc Golf is my first big step into making disc golf something bigger than a weekend leisure sport. My goal for 2021 is to play as many tournaments as possible even as far as starting to play some across the border if Covid allows it.

Steven Gauthier

I am now leading a league at a local course averaging 20+ players each of the first 3 weeks and growing! I love teaching and getting new discs into players hands. My clubs page is "Pikes Peak Flying Disc Club" it is find able on Facebook under that name. We have quite a few members.